Loaves & Fishes
Food Pantry

“Leave what you can,
Take what you need!”

In this time of Covid -19, when the Grafton Food Bank is closed, the Congregational Church of Grafton is aware there are families who are food insecure. We are providing a small “take it or leave it” food pantry cupboard beside our side office door for the benefit of those who may find they are in need of additional food supplies. We welcome donations of canned food and some dried foods as well. A small plastic bin is provided for rice, pasta, and cereals. Please think in terms of soups, stews, canned meats and tuna, fruits, vegetables, peanut butter, and jelly when donating. The cans must be undamaged and have a valid expiration date.

The Grafton Food Bank is donating some dried goods that remained at the Town Hall before the shutdown Someone from the Outreach Committee will check the pantry daily to be sure all is properly stored and good quality. We will continue this project as long as the Food Bank is closed or until we determine it was not needed by the town due to lack of use.

Congregational Church of Grafton, U.C.C.
Outreach Committee