We, the Congregational Church of Grafton, United Church of Christ, are an Open and Affirming Church.

We welcome all people into the full life, leadership, and ministry of our church regardless of gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, race, culture, age, and socio-economic status.

However the rest of the world describes you, or however you describe yourself, you are welcome to join us on our journey to love God and follow Jesus.

What Do We Believe?

Our Covenant We affirm that every Christian is empowered and called to ministry. In worship, study, prayer, and fellowship we are seeking to understand that calling and to embrace a spirit of missions as we feed the hungry, bring healing to those who are sick in body or spirit, and proclaim justice and peace where there is despair. Affirming our faith in God our Creator and in Jesus Christ our Savior, we join one another to strive to live as Christ would have us live. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

{Visit our “First Time Guest” section for more information on “What Do We Believe“}


Protocol for Canceling or Relocating Church Service

1.   In an emergency situation due to weather, or in the church building itself, church services could be cancelled outright, or relocated to Apple Tree Arts at One Grafton Common. The moderator and minister can set this in motion by calling ATA. Ultimately, the moderator and minister will work together to make a final decision on what is best for the congregation.

2.  An emergency situation is defined as inclement weather such as snow, ice, a hurricane, or some type of situation inside the church that make it unsafe or unrealistic to hold a service such as frozen pipes, lack of heat, odors emanating from the basement, etc.

3.   The congregation will be notified in advance about the possibility of an emergency situation via email, preferably on Saturday for a Sunday service, but at a time deemed sufficient for services taking place on other days. A final decision on cancelling or relocating church will be made 3-4 hours before the scheduled service time. The moderator and minister will make the final decision. The chair of trustees and deacons will also be notified.

4.  The church’s communications chair will be contacted by the moderator or minister and that person will notify the congregation.