When you are the pastor of a church, you are lucky if you have a moderator with whom you can work as a team. In other words, when a moderator and a pastor tackle together the problems and challenges of a congregation, good things happen. I have such a moderator in Peter Dennis. Our moderator/pastor relationship has been productive, creative, and above all, enjoyable.

However, we have done something even I wouldn’t have dreamed of. Peter and I have written a book. In moments grabbed at coffee shops, an hour or two before and after cabinet meetings, and a few marathon sessions at our respective kitchen tables (with Mary and Don supplying coffee and ideas) our book, Jump Start This Church, emerged.

The book will come out in early September and is a written as a spirited conversation between a pastor (me, of course) and a salesman (Peter, naturally). Peter and I hit upon the idea while sitting in the Grafton Country store having coffee. I had just read his book on sales and it seemed so clear to me—if pastors and churches were to incorporate some of the “sales” techniques in Peter’s book with the love and enthusiasm that they had for their church, surely the church would grow. Or as Peter might say “it would sell.”

In a series of personal stories of our successes and failures as pastor and salesman, Peter and I apply the methods and techniques of selling to growing a church. The book is written in the first person and is—in my opinion—a good read.

Hope you like it!

See You in the Pews!
Reverend Jane



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