babetteJesus turns water into wine at the wedding of Cana.  It is a miracle of abundance that tells us we are the children of a generous God.  In preparation for tomorrow’s service, you might watch the movie, Babette’s Feast.  Here is a movie clip to get you started.  If the clip grabs your attention, you can get the entire movie on Netflix or Amazon.

So on this rainy Saturday night, pop some popcorn and settle back to an excellent treat.  And while you’re watching, think about the  different theological themes such as the sacred versus the profane, the importance of self-sacrifice and loyalty, unshakable faith, simplicity versus luxury  and the ultimate question of life’s purpose.

Or just watch the movie.  It is a sumptuous feast in itself– of art and language, relationship and religion.

Enjoy and… see you tomorrow!

Reverend Jane