Adult Sunday School, February 9 at 9:15

This first class of the new year will be a special Valentine’s Day Study.  We will spend two Sundays (February 9 and 16) examining the Story of Jacob and Rachel found in Genesis, chapter 29. We will also take a look at the history of love and romance in the bible (and maybe in our own lives as well).

Here’s what happened:  Jacob is in love with Rachel and promises Laban, her father, that he will work seven years before marrying her. Laban agrees, so Jacob begins his work. “So Jacob worked seven years for Rachel. But it only seemed like a few days; he loved her so much.” But the sneaky Laban gives Leah, his older daughter, to Jacob instead; but Jacob is so in love with Rachel, Jacob agrees to work seven years longer to marry Rachel even though he is at same time married to Leah ( surprisingly, polygamy is not actually a sin in the bible).The Meeting of Jacob and Rachel

This story of devotion and pure love in Genesis is a wonderful topic for our Sunday school “Valentine’s Day”. It demonstrates commitment, perseverance and an inspiring, heartwarming love found in the Bible.  Come to class ready to learn and share!

There will be Valentine’s coffee and sweet rolls to start us off.  Also, childcare for all ages of kids.

(the class is taught and catered by Reverend Jane)

See you at 9:15 on February 9th!

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