The Congregational Church of Grafton Mary Dennis Photography

The Congregational Church of Grafton
Mary Dennis Photography

Sunday School at 9:15

Worship at 10:00

A glorious feast at 11:00!

Don and I have spent the evening making beef bourguignon  which we are bringing to tomorrow’s Stewardship Luncheon.  A savory mixture of beef, red wine, mushrooms, and garlic simmers in the oven filling the house with a wonderful aroma.

We will have all sorts of extravagant foods tomorrow– our own Congregational Babette’s feast.  There are dishes from Mrs. Patmore from Downton Abbey and Julia Child’s The Art of French Cooking as well a recipes from our own church members.  It will be an feast of abundance!

During the worship service we will each come forward with our pledge cards placing them on the altar.  To those of you who have mailed in your pledge cards already–thank you!  But most people have not sent them in and so we are asking that you bring your pledge with you to church tomorrow.  If you don’t have a pledge card….I have extras!

We are a generous congregation rich in God’s grace and love.  Let us give as generously as we have received.


See You in the Pews!blog

Reverend Jane