imagesDid you know that at the Congregational Church of Grafton, it is the job of the Board of Deacons to host coffee hour every Sunday? That seems like a lot of extra work for deacons who are already busy enough. I watch in awe as they run around on Sundays serving the sacrament, taking prayer requests, cleaning glitter off the floor.  Let’s face it, the deacons are the ones who make worship work.  They do all the difficult and tedious things so that the minister is free to do her thing (for which this minister is very grateful).

The many jobs of the deacons are astonishing in scope, but then—so are their qualifications.  According to the Apostle Paul, deacons must be “blameless, dignified, strong in faith, and seldom drunk” (1 Timothy 3:8-12).  Our deacons are all those things and more.  They are talented, hardworking, organized, faithful and as far as I can tell—never drunk.  Paul would approve.

So why are these already overworked people responsible for Coffee Hour?  Because Coffee Hour is part of worship.  My favorite description of worship is that “worship is the moment that we honor with extravagant love”.  But you can’t honor with extravagant love in isolation.  It is our community with each other that gives authenticity to our worship.  Therefore, worship continues into the rest of our time together—together as community.  And that would be Coffee Hour.   So we should start thinking of Coffee Hour as an extension of our worship—as our extravagant love.  Extravagant love for one another.  Thank you, Deacons, for helping us continue our extravagant love beyond our time sitting in the pews.

Stay for Coffee Hour.  It’s not just about the cookies.

Pastor Jane