The Stewardship Committee’s mission is to help all church members to live generously and thankfully, to understand the transformative power of Christian giving.

The Stewardship Committee develops a culture of responsible generosity through the following ways:

  • The annual pledge campaign, in which parishioners are asked to make a specific financial commitment to the church in the upcoming year
  • Planned giving, which encourages individuals to include our church in their estate planning
  • Recognizing and thanking parishioners for sharing their gifts
  • Educating parishioners about stewardship throughout the year

This committee

  • Builds on UCC materials to establish a stewardship theme which will guide the pledging drive
  • Plans for and executes stewardship drive, including printed materials, speakers, events and timeline
  • Monitors pledging responses and plan follow ups to close out pledging drive
  • Submits Stewardship and gives input to Finance in support of budget development for Annual Meeting