Dear Friends of the Congregational Church of Grafton,

Every year about this time we begin our “Stewardship Campaign”. We talk about the budget, send out a letter, present the many pressing financial needs of the church. And then around the end of November, we ask each of you to make a pledge.

Not this year.

This year there will be no spreadsheets, no percentages, no talk of expenses versus revenue, no discussion of operating funds, no money talk at all. And with that—no obligation, no guilt, no judgement, no desperation, no fear.

What then?


Simple as that. Blessings. God’s abundant love showered upon us.

Instead of a Stewardship Campaign, we are launching a Gratitude Campaign. Some of us have already started. A group of ten church leaders have been meeting in a discussion group for the past several weeks as they read together a book called The Gratitude Path. Based on what they learned in this book, the Gratitude Team (newly named and headed up by the awesome Martha Babb) is going to bring us into a new way of looking at giving. Here is their belief:

Instead of focusing on what we need, we are going to focus on God and on all that God has done for us. A Gratitude Campaign says that we give to support God’s work in our church.

We give because God has given to us. We give because we are grateful. We are going to count our blessings, not our bank accounts.

Stayed tuned….you will be hearing more about gratitude as we lead up to Gratitude Sunday on November 22nd.


See You in the Pews!

Reverend Jane