Dear Members and Friends,

We are one step closer to fulfilling our financial goals for 2014.  Stewardship Sunday was last week and lots of generous  pledges have come in.   The commitment of our congregation as we support this church is inspiring!

However, we have only received about half of our potential pledges.  We need your pledge.

  • Are you someone who plans on pledging but just hasn’t gotten the pledge card to the church office yet? Remember, you can mail your pledge, drop it by the church, or bring it to the service on Sunday.
  • Are you someone who hasn’t pledged in the past, but gives generously in the offering plate each Sunday?  If so, would you consider making a pledge?  The pledge simply helps the finance committee plan the yearly budget.
  • Are you someone who has never made a financial commitment to the church, but might consider it this year?  Call or email  Reverend Jane and ask her about giving.  She would be glad to discuss options as well as explain the way our church puts your money to use.

Send in your pledge…. And help us come one step closer.   finance

Reverend Jane