Dear Friends and Members of the Congregational Church of Grafton:

Your generosity on Stewardship Sunday was awesome. Thank you! We received 26 pledges totally $71,000. A wonderful and exciting demonstration of stewardship and ministry. More people pledged this year on Stewardship Sunday than last year and several people who do not normally pledge participated very generously. Wow.

The good news is that we received 26 pledges!! The bad news is….we received 26 pledges!! Our congregation has a potential of 75 pledging units (a “unit” is an individual or a couple who pledge). That means that 50 individuals or couples still haven’t pledged. Important to note, that even with only 26 pledges in, we are still ahead of this time last year.

Many of you have not yet sent in a pledge. You can mail your pledge, drop it off at the church, bring it on Sunday morning, or give me a call and I will personally come and get it!

Maybe you are wondering, why pledge? Pledges allow the financial people of our church to set a budget for the upcoming year. When we create our budget, we need to know how much money there is to work with. Pledges help us do that.

What if I pledge and then my circumstances change? That’s OK also. You are not held to your pledge by anything other than your own good faith effort.

Here are some hard facts:

  • Total expenses for 2015: $195,000
  • how much of the $195,000 comes from our pledges? $150,000
  • how much do we have so far? $71,000
  • how much more do we need? $79,000
  • Remember, we have a potential of 50 pledging units to raise that $79,000

Can you pledge if you haven’t already?

Thank you.

Reverend Jane