With summer will come some changes in our worship life. This summer, Sunday worship will take place in the Hall on the main floor. Our hope, of course, is that it will be cooler than upstairs!  The bulletins will look a little different, and won’t have quite the same number of songs.

Rev Virginia will be at the General Synod, so Kim Murphy will preach on July 2, then Adam Isbitsky will preach on July 16, 23, and 30, while Virginia is on vacation.

Part of the fun of worshipping in a different place is that it creates a space where “different” is the new norm. There’s no “we’ve always done it this way” about worshipping in a new place, because everything’s new. We know that, come September, we’ll move back upstairs, back into the familiar. We know that if we discover something new which helps us come closer to God in our worship, we can bring it upstairs with us. And we know (thank heavens) that if we try something that just doesn’t fit our way of living together, we can leave it downstairs. Downstairs is our experimental space this summer.

Come, and see.