We are leading with our hearts….Our collective vision is to call a full time minister.  To make our vision a reality, we need  a conscious decision to support this direction and follow through with our actions.   Carrie Peacock, Chair of Stewardship

Many of us grew up with parents who never talked about money.  I always say that my parents didn’t talk about money—they yelled about money.  Money was a contentious, anxiety producing topic between them and as kids, we learned not to mention it.  But I have managed to unlearn that idea as an adult and am pretty relaxed at talking about money.  Which is a good thing because every year I stand in the pulpit and talk about money.

When I talk about money, I like to be very direct.  I don’t like euphemisms or buzz words. I’m not even sure that I am comfortable with the word “stewardship”—a word we use so much that it has almost lost its meaning.  We are really just talking about money—money to keep the lights on, money for mission, money for salaries, money for all the things and people and events that make us “church”. Let’s call it what it is—money.

This year a big thing in the “ongoing mission of the church” has happened (have you ever noticed that big things almost always cost money?).  The big thing is a new and full-time pastor (yes, me).  Here’s the slight problem– you really can’t afford me.  OK you can.  It’s just that at your current rate of giving, you can only sort of afford me.  But don’t worry –“sort of” isn’t bad.  It could actually be worse.  All we have to do is this:

  • each person who gives, give a little more (2% or less)
  • each person who is not giving anything, start to give

Not a bad solution is it?

There will be lots more on this topic in the next few weeks with explanations and charts and graphs and facts and figures and all sorts of cool ways to give.  But for now, let’s just all take a moment to thank God for the blessing of this church in our lives.

See You in the Pews! (bring your checkbook),

Pastor Jane