“Worship and Word”

Every Wednesday 6:00-7:00 PM

Starts November 11th


We are beginning a regular Wednesday night “church night”. A combination of Worship and Word, a creative and moving opening worship led by Reverend Jane devotion will be followed by an intellectual dive into the bible. Childcare is provided by our Senior Girl Scout troop.

Our “intellectual dive” will be structured around a wonderful video series by Professor Bart Ehrman. Each lecture is only 30 minutes which we will follow up with a 15 minute discussion. Every year will be a new theme—this year (November thru May) will be a study called: “Lost Christianities”. An overview of the course:

In the first centuries after Christ, there was no “official” New Testament. Instead, early Christians read and fervently followed a wide variety of Scriptures—many more than we have today. Relying on these writings, Christians held beliefs that today would be considered bizarre. Some believed that there were two, 12, or as many as 30 gods. Some thought that a malicious deity, rather than the true God, created the world. Some maintained that Christ’s death and resurrection had nothing to do with salvation while others insisted that Christ never really died at all.

What did these “other” Scriptures say? Do they exist today? How could such outlandish ideas ever be considered Christian? If such beliefs were once common, why do they no longer exist? These are just a few of the many provocative questions that arise from Lost Christianities: Christian Scriptures and the Battles over Authentication. 

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See you on Wednesday!