Dear Friends and Members of the Congregational Church of Grafton,

Good news!  As we face tough financial times, God has provided many options for increasing our church’s income.  For this I am grateful!  We have brought in wonderful groups such as Apple Tree arts and Simple Church.  We are also hosting birthday parties, anniversary parties and even the use of our kitchen refrigerators!  All of these groups pay rent and it helps!  We have made great efforts towards sharing our ministry and building with the goal of becoming a truly mission-oriented church.

And now things are really looking up –especially in our steeple.  We are presently talking with Verizon about a cell tower in the steeple.  This is especially good news for the future of our church and its mission and programs. 

The Trustees are actively doing all due diligence in carefully examining and negotiating a sound contract for the church.  They have consulted a law firm with broad experience in placing antennas in church steeples.  They have also talked extensively with several local congregational churches who have worked with the same company and now have cell towers. The Trustees will be presenting their findings to Cabinet next week.

Do you have questions or thoughts?  Andy Deschenes is heading up the cell tower committee and is available for questions.  Or you are very welcome to call the call church office and talk with Reverend Jane.  We would love to hear from you! 

Celebrate with us in gratitude and thanksgiving for all that God provides!

Reverend Jane