This Sunday we will continue our look at Stewardship as we are moved with thankfulness for a growing church. The children will present gifts to their teachers to express their thanks and Ray Guilmette will share his reasons for financially supporting this church. From the youngest child to the oldest parishioner (not that Ray is the oldest), we are blessed to be a part of God’s work in the world.

During coffee hour, you have an opportunity to stock up on holiday bread sold by our youth group. The money that they raise will buy Christmas presents for children in need.

My sermon, “Not Another Thank-Note” will be sure to inspire (OK–it will at least entertain with a little inspiration thrown in). The choir has a beautiful piece prepared for us and we will be singing all of our favorite thanksgiving hymns from the Pilgrim Hymnal.

Our Adult Sunday School Class (which meets faithfully on Thursday nights) watched a powerful and thought-provoking video called “Why Jesus Matters” by Marcus Borg. Here is the link.  I encourage you to watch it (skip the first 5 minutes of introduction and go straight to Borg).

The Children’s pageant is starting practice. If you want to sign up your child, grandchild or neighbor—contact Amy Woodbury at   A Christmas pageant is a wonderful memory for a child to have—don’t allow your child to miss out.

In the past few days, all sorts of work has been accomplished at the church—from basement to bell tower we are moving forward!


See You in the Pews,

Reverend Jane