I hope every one of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Don and I enjoyed our time in Providence with our friends.  Stepping back and reconnecting with old friends seems the perfect way to start the holiday season.

Tomorrow is the first Sunday of Advent.  Joyfully awaiting the Christ Child, we will gather each week for worship lighting the Advent candle, singing the old hymns, and experiencing the rich traditions of Advent.

Tomorrow is also Stewardship Sunday.  We will bring our pledge cards forward during the service and place them on the altar.  So be sure to fill out your card and have it with you tomorrow.  If you did not get a card in the mail or misplaced the one you had, we have extra!

Our goal this year is to both increase the number of people who make a pledge, as well as increase the amount each one of us pledges.  Don and I pledge $5000 per year.  We are raising our pledge by 5% to $5250.  Could you raise your pledge from last year’s total by 5%?  If not, could you raise your pledge by 2%?

It has been an awesome year at our church.  Let’s make 2015 even better.

See You in the Pews!

Reverend Jane