The Board of Trustees is responsible for the care and maintenance of all real estate and non-financial assets not under trust and owned by the Church. They employ a Church Sexton, and set forth duties to be performed. Finally, the trustees prepares an annual budget for the care and maintenance of the Church property and submits it to the Cabinet for its approval.

Responsibilities: Care and Maintenance of the church and parsonage

Electrical systems Plumbing systems

Utilities – NSTAR Gas & National Grid

Trash collection

Plowing and yard maintenance


Sound Systems Telephone/copier/computer systems

Paint and repairs

Preservation of church property

  • Stained Glass Windows
  • Historical documents

Oversee state and town inspections, keeping all permits up to date

  • Building Lift
  • Boilers
  • Alarm systems
  • Kitchen Fire extinguishers

Sets policy and oversees all rental agreements for church use; makes recommendations to Cabinet concerning use of all church space including use by groups within the congregation and by rental agreement.