We all want to make the world a better place. You are called! Do you hear God calling you to action? Be the pebble that sends ripples in every direction.

Join a committee today – let your gifts be used to strengthen our church, which will…

  • Nourish your soul
  • Strengthen your family
  • Make our community and the world a better place

You will not fail. Our committee members say they have fun, learn and grow, feel connected to each other and to God’s work, and find joy.

Perhaps you’ve been hearing a small voice, or perhaps someone you know has been encouraging you. Think about the areas that call to you:

Trustees, Christian Ed/Youth Group, Deacons, Finance, Communications team, Missions, Stewardship…

… any gift or interest you have can find a home in one of our committees or groups.

You are needed! Call one of us to chat about possibilities, or catch us at coffee hour,

The Nominating Committee

Sue Howell 508-839-1440

Lorraine Swanson 508-839-4394

Joanne Hable 508-839-2546